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Trade or sell your gold


You can trade your scrap gold toward the purchase of your custom elk ivory jewelry, or any items on this website. You can also cash in your old gold with KFB. Even if you are not placing an order, we will still buy your used gold items. We accept karat gold jewelry, gold class rings & coins, gold watch cases, & old dental gold (no gold-plated or gold-filled items).


How To Trade In Your Scrap Gold


     Write your order on a sheet of paper & send it to us with your elk ivory and scrap gold. Your order should include the item number(SKU#) & specific description of each item you are ordering, along with your email address, phone number & return mailing address. Pack your items carefully in a shipping box & ship them insured U.S. Mail, UPS, or Fed Ex to:

KFB – Dept. TG

31 South Main Street

Chambersburg PA 17201

    Within 72 hours from receiving your package we will contact you with a price quote for your approval, which will apply toward the total amount of your order. If your trade-in quote is greater than the amount of your order, you will receive credit toward further purchases, or a check for the remaining amount which will accompany your finished order when it is shipped. 

     If you do not accept KFB's trade-in offer, your scrap gold will be returned to you with the completion of your order. If, upon receiving your trade-in quote you decide to cancel your order, your scrap gold, along with any elk ivory or items you sent to us for your order, will all be returned to you for a minimum processing fee of $25.

How To Sell Your Gold


    Carefully package your scrap gold (we recommend a shipping box), along with your name, return mailing address, email address & phone number and send it insured U.S. Mail, UPS or Fed Ex to:

KFB – Dept. SG

31 South Main Street

Chambersburg PA 17201

    Within 72 hours from the date we receive your scrap gold, you will be contacted by email or phone with a price quote.  Upon your approval, a check for the full amount will be mailed to you the following business day.

    If you do not accept your quote, your scrap gold will all be returned to you for a minimum processing fee of $25.

Please note:  All custom elk ivory jewelry, including your order, are made using new gold from one of our refiners. We do not use scrap gold to manufacture new items. Scrap gold we receive on trade or purchase is recycled through our refiner. This insures you the finest quality gold in your new items, as well as guarantees you the best trade-in price on your old gold.

KFB does not purchase customer's diamonds or gemstones, though we will re-set them in your ordered item. If you send us gold items with diamonds or gemstones in, & we negotiate for the trade-in or sale of your gold, the diamonds or gemstones will be removed & returned to you with your order. If gold-filled or gold-plated items are sent to us they will be returned with your order, or if no order is placed, mailed back to you for a minimum processing fee of $25.


    Both selling & trading in your old gold with KFB are great ways to turn your broken gold chains & worn out gold jewelry into immediate cash, or off-set the cost of your new elk ivory order! Or, you can trade-in your old gold for a gift certificate for that special person!   Please email or call with any questions.                                                                                   

       Trading or Selling Your Extra Elk Ivories

     If you have an extra ivory or ivories, you have the option of trading them toward the price of your order with KFB JEWELERS.  We also, as our inventory requires, purchase loose ivories from clients.  Whether accepting ivories on trade or offering a purchase price, we prefer to see the ivories before quoting because of the range of quality.  To determine fair market value of each ivory we refer to the current listing from one of our trusted sources for loose ivories, Moscow Hide and Fur, in Moscow ID, & we invite you to visit their site at www.hideandfur.com.

     For a trade or purchase price for your loose ivories, include them with your order & label them "for trade need offer" or "for sale need offer".  We will call you with our offer within 72 hours before starting your order.  Please email or call us with any questions.  Thank you!